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Text Box: Dave’s Peg Lowering Brackets

These brackets extend the stock peg mounts about 1”, greatly reducing the stress on your knees and legs over long rides.

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Product Summary

· Lowers peg height by about 1” on each side

· Usually does not require adjusting any levers

· Fits most Honda CBR and VTR models without modification

· Fits Suzuki Hayabusa without modification

· Fits Suzuki GSXR models with minor modification of the brackets.

· Contact us about the “See if it fits” guarantee!

· For example applications, see our Pictures Link.

· Here’s a link to a word document with install instructions

Price: $65.00 + shipping

These peg lowering brackets drop the peg height on your bike by about 1” on each side.   They mount up in minutes.  Kit Includes brackets, pins, washers and cotter pins.


Currently they fit most Honda CBR models, and the Suzuki Hayabusa without modification.   They’ve also been fit to Suzuki GSXR 600/750/1000 models but require drilling the hole in the bracket a little larger.  We’re finding these fit on new models every day, so please contact us if you want information on a specific model.  


Do note that they can cause your pegs to scrape when you’re in the twisties.   Thankfully, they come off in a couple minutes too.   So I recommend that you use them while on the highway, and when you get to where the roads are twisty, remove them.

Peg lowering bracket kit includes everything you see here.

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