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Text Box: PAIR System Block off plates
Fits Honda CBR models

PAIR system block off plates for Honda CBR

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Product Summary

· Die cut to fit CBR PAIR systems

· Quick install

· Eases spark plug replacement

· Helps provide proper O2 analysis during dyno tuning

Price: $20.00 + shipping

If you’ve ever changed the spark plugs on your CBR, you know how much of a pain it can be to work around the PAIR system.  The hoses and tubes get in the way, and make it quite tight under that airbox.

The PAIR system is an emissions system which injects air into the exhaust ports to burn off any unburned fuel.    Removing the PAIR system will NOT affect the performance of your bike, but having the PAIR system installed can throw off the O2 sensors when dyno-tuning your bike. 

These block off plates are made of aluminum and are easy to install, once you get to them.  You’ll need to remove the air box, and based on your bike, you may need to run to the auto parts store and pick up a 5/8” vacuum line cap to plug the opening  in the airbox left by the removed vacuum hose.

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