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Text Box: Stop n Go Tire Plugger

Repairs tubeless tires in minutes.  Uses mushroom style plugs and requires no glue.

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Product Summary

· Use for temporary tire repair

· Soft plugs require no glue

· Small kit easily fits under your seat

· Fast and easy to use

Price: $30.00 + shipping

Getting a flat while you’re out in the middle of no where can at best be a nuisance, at worst a disaster.  

The Stop n Go Tire Plugger is perfect for when you’re touring and  you or a riding buddy picks up a nail.   Includes everything you need to be back on the road in minutes. 

Please note that you should only use plugs as temporary fixes!

Keep an eye on our products page, I hope to be able to carry a small cycle pump very soon

Kit includes everything you see here

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Phone: 608-279-3587


Here’s an installed plug.   This tire was used for another 2500 miles before we got to place where it could be replaced.